Tackling racism in our rest homes

Resident and staff attitudes need to change if we are to create inclusive working environments for our increasingly diverse workforce in New Zealand’s residential aged care sector. A panel discussion at the New Zealand Aged Care Association’s annual conference discusses how facilities can improve.

“Bring it on”: NZACA responds to calls for review of standards and staffing levels

The New Zealand Aged Care Association says the Government needs to step up and address some of the underlying challenges facing the residential aged care sector before it considers the review of sector standards and staffing levels called for by the New Zealand Nurses' Organisation.

‘Give a little, take a little, let our hearts break a little’ – diversity...

Why do we still struggle with accommodating diversity in the workplace? And what can employers do about it? Professor Edwina Pio talks to Jude Barback about culture and diversity in aged care settings.

Ryman increases nurses’ pay rates

Ryman Healthcare announced today an increase to the pay rates of its nursing and other village staff who did not fall under last year’s care and support worker pay equity settlement.

Caregiver: “Pay equity settlement has changed my life”

Caregivers are excited at the prospect of another pay increase as the pay equity settlement rolls into its second year. Meanwhile employers have welcomed a funding supplement to assist with the increased wage costs.

Funding clarified for pay equity settlement extension

The pay equity settlement extension to include mental health and addiction support workers will be funded on an ‘actuals’ basis, as per the home and community support services sector, until the end of September.

Pay equity funding increased for rest homes – but some will continue to struggle

This year’s Age Related Residential Care (ARRC) Contract negotiations have gone some way to help protect residential aged care providers from the damaging effects of pay equity – however, with the averaging formula still in place, there will continue to be providers who suffer as a result of the settlement.

Taranaki rest home faces closure due to pay equity struggles

A Taranaki rest home is facing closure, citing struggles to stay viable in the wake of the pay equity legislation.

When will older people’s oral health be a priority?

New research about the poor state of older New Zealanders’ oral health raises questions about whether we are really taking this important health issue seriously. By Jude Barback.

Discriminatory and unfair: Family carer policies under attack again

New research raises fresh concerns about family carer payment policies. The Government is investigating but change can’t come fast enough for family carers.


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