Let’s snoop around… Eden Lifestyle Care & Village

I feel inclined to carefully wipe my feet as I enter Oceania’s newest addition, Eden Lifestyle Care & Village, well-positioned in the heart of Auckland’s Mt Eden. It has only been open for a matter of weeks, and everything, from its perfectly decorated Christmas trees to its beautiful furnishings and deco, glistens with newness.

On the soapbox… Jon Amesbury

JON AMESBURY is passionate about placing the community at the heart of residential aged care facilities. Here he shares his thoughts, ideas, and initiatives that are proving successful.

Norah Barlow and Julian Cook

INsite asks incoming and outgoing Summerset chief executives their thoughts...

A typical day in the life of… Gaye Philpott

Registered dietitian GAYE PHILPOTT gives an insight into her busy and varied workload as an independent dietitian for a number of aged care facilities. A typical...

On the soapbox… Laurie Hilsgen

Will family carers start saying “no” to providing “natural support”? asks LAURIE HILSGEN, CEO and co-founder of Carers NZ.

A typical day in the life of… Annie Schenkel

Annie Schenkel shares what she finds rewarding, inspiring, and challenging about being facility manager of Oakland Lifecare in Tauranga.

Last word… Peter Mathysson

PETER MATHYSSEN, owner and manager of Glenbrook Rest Home, gives his views on the interRAI debate between Victoria Brown and Martin Taylor, featured in the last issue of INsite.

Up close and personal… Eleanor Bodger and Esther Perriam

Eldernet mother-daughter duo shares the joys and frustrations of running Eldernet and Care Publications.

Let’s snoop around… Selwyn Wilson Carlile

JUDE BARBACK visits Selwyn Wilson Carlile Home and Hospital in Hamilton.

Let’s snoop around… Pacific Coast

JUDE BARBACK traipses down the road to visit the new addition to a growing village.


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