Elizabeth Knox Home shines at Health Minister’s volunteer awards

JUDE BARBACK isn't surprised to hear that Elizabeth Knox Home and Hospital in Auckland won the Minister of Health's NGO Health Service Team Volunteer award last week.

Isolated incident or tip of the iceberg?

Is the recent case of substandard care a one-off? Or is it indicative of a struggling sector in need of an overhaul? JUDE BARBACK looks at whether a full-scale inquiry into the rest home sector is warranted.

New research on sleep and older adults

Researchers have found that sleep plays an important role in improving brain function.

Free shingles vaccine coming for over 65s

Pharmac has announced it is on track to fund the vaccine for shingles (herpes zoster), as early as April 2018.

Candid Caregiver: how pay equity is shaping up for workers

INsite has a frank discussion with a community support worker about what the pay equity settlement agreement means to her and how its implementation...

Stroke survivor and carer shares experience with stroke study day attendees

Almost 250 stroke service providers, stroke teams, general practitioners and practice nurses from across the South Island learnt about a wide range of stroke-specific topics at the annual South Island Stroke Study Day. The event focused on enhancing the daily practice of stroke delivery and quality care and included the management of post-stroke depression, and the transition from hospital to home.

New online dementia education resource

A new online dementia education resource has been created to support GPs and practice nurses to build confidence, competence and consistency in assessing, diagnosing and managing mild cognitive impairment and dementia.

New respite strategy and transformed disability support system

The Government has today released a new respite strategy to transform the way people who care for a disabled family member are supported. This...

Perceptions about working women driving gender pay gap

New research confirms the gender pay gap has remained static for a decade now at 12 per cent and shows that bias and perceptions about women in the workplace are what’s driving inequality in men's and women's pay.

Westport rest home set to close

Westport's Dunsford Ward rest home is set to close due to a failure to meet building compliance and a shift in focus to community-based care.


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