Moving from a task-oriented to a person-centred model of care

Dr Kathy Peri has one of the Selwyn Foundation’s famous robotic seals on her table. “I’m giving a talk to secondary school students later, and...

Candid Caregiver: how pay equity is shaping up for workers

INsite has a frank discussion with a community support worker about what the pay equity settlement agreement means to her and how its implementation...

New respite strategy and transformed disability support system

The Government has today released a new respite strategy to transform the way people who care for a disabled family member are supported. This...

Story of a stroke survivor

In the run-up to the annual South Island Stroke Study Day, we share this story of a husband and wife who are both stroke survivors...

Opinion: Ray Lind on pay equity, qualification equivalencies and Careerforce

Careerforce chief executive RAY LIND reflects on what the pay equity settlement means for care and support workers and their employers.

Elizabeth Knox Home shines at Health Minister’s volunteer awards

JUDE BARBACK isn't surprised to hear that Elizabeth Knox Home and Hospital in Auckland won the Minister of Health's NGO Health Service Team Volunteer award last week.

Ready or not, here comes pay equity

A mere 11 weeks after the pay equity settlement was announced, workers in the aged care, community support and disability sectors will receive their much anticipated pay increase from 1st July onwards.

Equal pay flow-on effect begins: Mental health workers lodge claim

From 1 July, care and support workers in aged care, disability care and home support will receive a pay increase as a result of the Equal Pay settlement. However, mental health support workers aren't included in the settlement, prompting unions PSA and E tū to lodge on their behalf an equal pay claim with the Employment Relations Authority.

Home care sector: on the edge of crisis

The home and community support services (HCSS) sector is on the edge of crisis as it becomes clear that some businesses will need to close, services cut and redundancies made following the Government’s failure to deliver on its promise to fully fund both the pay equity settlement and the implementation of guaranteed hours. By JUDE BARBACK.

Part B of travel time settlement no answer to sector’s funding problems

Over two years since the home and community support services (HCSS) sector and unions reached agreement with the Government over the In-Between Travel Time Settlement, the second part of the settlement – moving to a regularised workforce – is finally taking shape. But is it enough to sustain an already stretched sector? asks JUDE BARBACK.


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