DHBs hit back at NZACA report

District Health Boards say that the long wait times for rest home allocation quoted in the recent NZACA report don’t take into account alternative pathways following assessment, particularly ageing in place.

Live Stronger for Longer programme aims to prevent more falls

The Live Stronger for Longer movement is gaining strength in communities throughout New Zealand.

What the NZACA report doesn’t say

Responding to the New Zealand Aged Care Association’s major new report ‘Caring for our older Kiwis’, the Home and Community Health Association believes there needs to be more emphasis on choice when it comes to discussing ageing policies.

Home support sector (still) needs solutions

A new report brings fresh calls for a nationally consistent approach to home and community support services. JUDE BARBACK questions whether action is really coming for this sector.

Home support worker: “Even after three decades, every day is different”

Close to three decades ago, Tracey Foster knocked on the door of the public health nurse office looking for a job to support her young family. REBEKAH FRASER spoke to the West Coast woman who has devoted her working life to helping others.

Aging for Beginners – How to enter the twilight years successfully

The author of a new book on aging, Dr Doug Wilson, shares some insights with ANNIE GRAHAM-RILEY on how to accept the aging process.

Countering loneliness in older women living alone

Today is International Women’s Day and a good time to recognise the efforts of researchers working with older women living alone to tackle social isolation and remove some of the barriers to accessing services.

InterRAI data helping identify loneliness in older people

A research project makes use of interRAI data to identify social isolation and loneliness in older people.

Opinion: Dr Merryn Gott – Caregivers are vital part of the palliative care workforce

Dr Merryn Gott argues that caregivers need to be seen explicitly as part of the palliative care workforce, requiring appropriate education, training and support.

Opinion: Brien Cree – in defence of rest homes

Radius Care Managing Director Brien Cree's blood boiled listening to residential aged care facilities take a hammering in recent talkback discussions around elder abuse. Here, he comes to the defence of rest homes.


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