Sponsored: NZTC support for health and wellbeing students filled with heart

Health and Wellbeing Program Manager Mandi Smith shares the heart that the NZTC team puts into supporting students spread across New Zealand during their studies.

Sponsored: Healthcare Assistant graduates care with Vision, Heart, Competence and Spirit

Sponsored Article Founded over 35 years ago, NZTC’s values have been embedded into the delivery of its early childhood education programs, now these values guide...

A model for older people’s health, fitness and sociability

Dr Beatrice Hale reports on Assoc. Professor Linda Robertson's Otago Polytechnic Professorial Lecture, which discussed a model for initiating and maintaining programmes to encourage social connections for older people.

Book Review: Take Heart: My Journey with Cardiomyopathy & Heart Failure

Liam Butler reviews ‘Take Heart: My Journey with Cardiomyopathy & Heart Failure’, a book by Adrienne Frater.

Book Review: How to Communicate with Someone who has Dementia

Liam Butler reviews a book that offers advice to those caring for people with dementia.

“The earlier the better” – dementia expert’s call for timely diagnosis

Psychiatrist of Old Age, Dr Matthew Croucher is visiting South Island District Health Boards this year to discuss ways to improve local dementia services.

Backing passion with on-the-job training

The desire to give top quality care motivated Bronwyn Pickery to pursue a career as a healthcare assistant supported by on-the-job training.

Managing a predictable phenomenon: challenges of NZ’s ageing workforce

A new white paper on the ageing workforce calls for a national strategy and the development of an ageing workforce tool-kit.

Demystifying the d-word: the need for death education in New Zealand schools

While attitudes are slowly changing, the subject of death is still cloaked in stigma and taboo. JUDE BARBACK examines calls to educate children about death, dying and ageing.

Death: the symptoms of dying

How much do many of us actually know about the act of dying? FIONA CASSIE talks to palliative care specialist Brian Ensor about the symptoms of dying.


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