Book Review: How to Communicate with Someone who has Dementia

Liam Butler reviews a book that offers advice to those caring for people with dementia.

“The earlier the better” – dementia expert’s call for timely diagnosis

Psychiatrist of Old Age, Dr Matthew Croucher is visiting South Island District Health Boards this year to discuss ways to improve local dementia services.

New report shows New Zealand needs a national plan for dementia

A new international report highlights the urgent need for New Zealand to implement the New Zealand Framework for Dementia Care.

Ombudsman to monitor rest homes

The Ombudsman is to monitor and inspect residential aged care facilities, but who will foot the cost?

Research shows need to monitor people with dementia prone to wandering

New research looks at the number of missing people with dementia and concludes that an alert system should be applied to help monitor people with dementia who are prone to wandering

New grant will help researchers investigate sleep and ageing

With the help of a HRC grant, researchers will investigate the impact of sleep on ageing and dementia.

Alzheimer’s drug reduces risk of stroke in dementia patients

New research has found potential additional benefits for people with dementia who were dispensed acetylcholinesterase inhibitors (AChEIs), including reduced risk of stroke.

Disasters and dementia – a new resource to help carers prepare

A new guide helps carers of people with dementia get through natural disasters.

Today I became a Dementia Friend

JUDE BARBACK becomes a Dementia Friend as the New Zealand programme launches today.

The lifestyle factors that are contributing to dementia

New research out of Australia shows that around half cases of dementia can be attributed to seven key modifiable lifestyle factors including educational attainment and physical inactivity.


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