Alzheimer’s drug reduces risk of stroke in dementia patients

New research has found potential additional benefits for people with dementia who were dispensed acetylcholinesterase inhibitors (AChEIs), including reduced risk of stroke.

Disasters and dementia – a new resource to help carers prepare

A new guide helps carers of people with dementia get through natural disasters.

Today I became a Dementia Friend

JUDE BARBACK becomes a Dementia Friend as the New Zealand programme launches today.

The lifestyle factors that are contributing to dementia

New research out of Australia shows that around half cases of dementia can be attributed to seven key modifiable lifestyle factors including educational attainment and physical inactivity.

Tool provides plain English guide on dementia

A new resource provides easy-to-understand and easy-to-access information on dementia.

Free online dementia education a hit with Kiwi health professionals

An online dementia education module has received positive feedback from health care professionals across the country since it was launched last year. Over 300...

Positive thinking about ageing can reduce risk for dementia

New research shows that the way older people think about ageing may have an impact on how likely they are to develop dementia.

Communal living with dementia

JONATHAN BOURLA reflects on the coping mechanisms people with dementia use to adjust to communal living situations.

New lobby group in support of residents with dementia

Concerns over aged care policy and funding decisions and their impact on standards of care have prompted the establishment of a lobby group to support those in dementia care.

What will it take to get an effective Alzheimer’s drug?

World-renowned Alzheimer's Disease researcher to give expert view on what it will take to get an effective drug for Alzheimer’s disease.



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