Laughter Yoga sounds like a good, well, laugh. But new scientific research has confirmed its ability to boost older people’s moods and lower blood pressure.

According to the Australian Journal on Ageing, Laughter Yoga has been around since 1995. It involves unconditional laughter with Yoga breathing.

A 6-week Laughter Yoga programme was implemented at three Australian aged care facilities with twenty-eight residents. A pre–post design was used to measure positive and negative affect, happiness, blood pressure and pulse.

Post-session mean scores for positive mood, and happiness were significantly higher than pre-session scores in weeks 1, 3 and 6, and the post-session mean negative mood scores were significantly lower than pre-session scores in weeks 3 and 6. Post-session readings for mean systolic blood pressure were significantly lower than pre-session readings in weeks 1 and 6.

And if you’re sceptical about these results, there’s certainly no harm in giving it a go at your rest home or retirement village. It’s bound to bring a giggle or two!




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